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What if we could build stable, profitable, collaborative solutions to the world’s most dire problems?

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Ways We Build Bridges

Equipping organizations with capacity building strategies and skills.

Engaging advocates, conscious allies & human systems

Helping purpose-driven leaders create profitable, sustainable models for change.

Cultivating compassionate and proactive communities.

Connecting businesses with mission-aligned non-profit organizations.


It's Time To


A New Path

Because lasting, replicable social and systematic impact requires the sustainability that climbing the ladder & bridging industries will provide.


Tammy Charles


pioneer, bridge builder and advocate for social enterprises

I am a consultant, speaker, strategist and expert fundraising and scaling non-profit organizations. I want to change how we approach impact by bridging enterprise strategies that work for the work that needs to be done. 

I help create lasting change by helping organizations, corporations and communities become better equipped. The future I see is built by the social enterprise strategies and multi-industry partnerships I'm working to create.

Learn more about my journey, career and clients:


I've Helped...



The fundamental issues I help my clients address first begin with organizational infrastructure.


I help my clients think bigger than fundraising when developing their plans. I use frameworks to help them clearly articulate their outcomes and impact to invite more stakeholders to be a part of their mission.

All in all, the goal is to help them strengthen their operations, increase their revenue potential, and sustain their outcomes and long-term impact.


Clients value actionable plans and frameworks to help them scale, grow, and expand their missions to impact for people through their work. Through clear strategy and training, they will be able to attract more partners and funders to transforms more lives.

Many organizations know something needs to change but need the support and guidance to begin truly acting from a more empowered place.


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The path to impact


I believe in a new approach to fundraising, change and partnership. I believe in building bridges & dedicating my career to equipping every part of this bridge with the tools and support needed to move forward. As its put in The Social Entrepreneur:



I help build companies, systems and communities that change the world and I believe in a future where purpose driven and non profit leaders can grow stable and profitable overtime.

"Just Initiative is coming out of this project with all the tools we need to head into the future with clear  direction. We know what we are aiming to achieve and have clear steps to get us there."

Tammy Custom White Bg 1.png
"Fundraising is intimidating … but I love fundraising, I love asking for money to support community initiatives. I realized I had a knack for it, and I also realized that other nonprofits and businesses needed help with that."
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